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Avail our legal services from anywhere in the world. 

We use secure payment platform using Paypal as well as local currency methods with money back guarantee if not satisfied.

Contact us 24/7 by clicking the green tab for all your legal needs including drafting and vetting of contracts, agreements as well as legal notices, replies and claim letters.

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We have a global team spanning 3 continents each qualified from a prestigious university and having minimum 3 years of practical legal experience in their field of expertise.












Advocate High Court

LLM Queen Mary London, LLB Hons. University of London

A graduate from Queen Mary London in Masters in Law  (specialised in International Business Law, Corporate and Commercial Law) Mr. Arzaam has 3+ experience in Corporate and Civil Litigation in both Civil and High Courts as well as advisory/ corporate transactional  matters.


Mr. Arzaam practices frequently in Lahore High Court handling cases in Petroleum Sector and on behalf of various Government Departments.


He is also a legal advisor to foreign companies situated in United Kingdom, France Germany and United States of America.


Mr. Arzaam also has a great amount of interest in the IT sector  and is an expert on Intellectual Property Rights and Registration of Patents, Trademarks and Copyrights, subsequently he is on the panel of various software houses in Lahore and Islamabad.

Our Affiliates

Asia and Middle East














Maira Mumtaz

Advocate High Court 



Founding member of Bhatti, Magna & World and a committed, practicing Advocate High Court with rich training and background in Pakistani Legal System in both Litigation and Advisory roles. Miss Maira has postgraduate qualification of LLM and has worked with multiple legal firms handling high profile cases relating to Corporate, Family and Property law. Herself, she routinely advises national and international clients relating to drafting of Contracts and Agreements. 

Arzaam Bhatti

Advocate High Court, LLM Queen Mary London, LLB Hons. University of London

Maira Mumtaz

Advocate High Court, LLB, LLM                  

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